Electronic security systems

We offer, design and install electronic security systems:

  • Security alarm,
  • Fire alarm,
  • Video surveillance,
  • Perimeter security and control,
  • Electronic article surveillance (EAS),
  • Access control,
  • Work time accounting,
  • Queue Management.

Above systems can be connected into a unified surveillance and control centre, enabling the client to provide a quick response to emerging security threats. This purpose may involve using software or our own software interface, developed according to our client's needs.

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We offer, design, install automation solutions:

  • Ventilation systems,
  • Heating-cooling systems,
  • Smoke exhaust systems,
  • Fire extinguishing systems (gas, water, etc.),
  • Heating facilities,
  • Water supply systems,
  • Waste water management systems,
  • Lighting control systems,
  • Energy cost accounting systems.
  • Pneumatic transporting systems.
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We offer, design and install transport control systems:

  • Licence plate recognition systems,
  • Traffic lights, as well as LED traffic information and control systems,
  • Stationary and portable truck scale systems,
  • Moving vehicle weighing systems,
  • Barriers and road blockers,
  • Electronic traffic sign systems,
  • Automated train and wagon commercial inspection systems,
  • Automatic traffic measurement systems (which count and classify vehicles, measure their speed and gauge),
  • Road tax or automatic road user charging systems,
  • Parking and traffic flow management systems,
  • Public transport lane and red traffic light control systems.
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IT infrastructure

We offer, design and install IT infrastructure solutions:

  • Data management centres, their engineering systems and network management equipment;
  • Passive computer and telephone networks;
  • Active equipment for computer network management and control;
  • IP telephony solutions;
  • Outdoor electronic communication systems.
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Information system development

We create.

Standardised products may not always be able to satisfy your needs — that's why we develop specialised systems, customised for specific Clients and situations.

We use automatic processes, thus reducing the need for human resources and eliminating human errors.

A well-developed automated system doesn't get tired, doesn't make mistakes and cannot abuse its position. This is our goal each time we develop a custom system for specific clients and their needs.

The flexibility of our systems is virtually unlimited — we modify and update our systems according to changing situations and requirements.

We have already developed and installed systems for:  passenger information, work time attendance, transport control and automation, parking control and vehicle weighing. All of our systems are integrated with other information systems and control various technical equipment.

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We also offer, design and install custom systems, which meet specific needs of our Clients:

  • Patient tracking and detection system;
  • Medical staff (nurse) call system;
  • Smart terminal system for patients at medical facilities;
  • Equipment for security systems in explosive environment;
  • Ultra high resolution (≥30Mpix) video surveilance system;
  • Luggage transportation system (airports);
  • Video wall (special-purpose monitor) system;
  • Passenger information system (railway, bus stations, seaports and airports);
  • Interactive information terminals (for museums and public spaces);
  • Intercom systems for explosion hazardous areas (oil, gas, transportation facilities).
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