We are ready to listen and offer a solution.

We will help you convert your vision and ideas into an advanced engineering solution.

The essence of consultations is to offer you all engineering systems, based on the specifics and size of your object, determine the desired level of integration between systems and assess the necessary level of security.


Proper project is a job halfway-done.

We are aware that each project first requires a precise project plan. We spend our days preparing complex technical projects and draft designs. Keeping in mind that our systems will be installed in the future, we also plan future changes and development opportunities.

We can assure you that your projects will include all necessary elements: professional attitude, modern technologies, quality and exclusiveness.


Excited to create.

Most engineering systems offer specific and often very limited features. We are ready to expand them by offering our clients individual solutions. Whether it is specific software or an additional module, we are ready to develop solutions that are not available in standard product catalogue.

You don't have it? You can't find it? Let’s create!


System integration is power of a unity.

We were among the first in Lithuania to start installing integrated (interrelated) security systems, thus, our experience and competence enables us to offer you solutions, combined under single interface.

Being able to manage the entire system and make appropriate decisions by one mouse click is vicious.

Even if the manufacturer of the system is unable to offer all the necessary software or other components, our team of software engineers is ready to develop and install what you need.


We know how.

One of the key stages of implementing an engineering project is a successful installation and launching of the systems. Our certified project managers have been working at the company for many years and have all the necessary certificates from the producers of the systems. We are fully competent for flawless system installation.


We will be there.

The Troubleshooting and Support Centre offers technical maintenance and reparation services all over Lithuania and beyond. Highly-qualified engineers are ready to solve any situation at any part of the day.

We know that appropriately prepared, timely and highly-qualified technical maintenance ensures continuous system operation and reduces system maintenance costs.


Should you have a problem, need assistance or advice, don't hesitate to contact us:

+370 686 38820 Service